Backstage Pass to North Dakota History

This blog takes you behind the scenes of the State Historical Society of North Dakota. Get a glimpse at a day-in-the-life of the staff, volunteers, and partners who make it all possible. Discover what it takes to preserve North Dakota's natural and cultural history. We encourage dialogue, questions, and comments!

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image of sunflowersAmy Bleier
Amy Bleier is a Research Archaeologist in the Archaeology and Historic Preservation Division. One of Amy’s tasks is to assist with the production of the North Dakota Archaeology Awareness poster.




Ann Crews MeltonAnn Crews Melton
Ann Crews Melton is associate editor of the State Historical Society of North Dakota. She edits this blog, assists with "North Dakota History: Journal of the Northern Plains," and scribbles a red pen across many other resources.

Barbara Handy-MarchelloBarbara Handy-Marchello
Barbara Handy-Marchello, Ph.D., is a historian and writer for North Dakota Studies.

Brooke MorganBrooke Morgan
Brooke was an archaeology collections assistant in the Archaeology & Historic Preservation Division.

quiltDiane Rogness
Diane worked with state historic site staff and local community groups as a former historic sites manager.


Doug WurtzDoug Wurtz
Doug retired as Director of Market Development for a Minneapolis corporation. He served as President of Missouri Valley Habitat for Humanity in Bismarck/Mandan before discovering the State Historical Society of North Dakota. He currently serves as President of the North Dakota Archaeological Association. The rest is history (and archaeology).

Genia HesserGenia Hesser
Genia Hesser was the Curator of Exhibits for the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Geoff WoodcoxGeoff Woodcox
Geoff Woodcox was an assistant curator of collections in the Museum Division.

Guinn HinmanGuinn Hinman
Guinn Hinman was a Historic Sites Manager at the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Nick GronsethNick Gronseth
Nick Gronseth was a site supervisor at Fort Totten State Historic Site.

Susan QuinnellSusan Quinnell
Susan Quinnell tackles the review and compliance work from federal and state agencies. She reviews development projects such as wind farms and pipelines to be sure that the federal and state agencies avoid any harm to significant cultural resources, such as historic buildings or archaeological sites.

Virginia NelsenVirginia A. Nelsen
Virginia A. Nelsen is the Executive Director of the State Historical Society of North Dakota Foundation, 501c3 fundraising arm for the State Historical Society.

Wendi Field MurrayWendi Field Murray
Wendi Field Murray is the Archaeology Collections Manager at the State Historical Society of North Dakota. She manages over 12 million artifacts representing 13,000 years of human history in the state. She is currently working to catalog the collections and make them more accessible to the public through digital media.